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Post-doctoral Research Scholar

Ph.D. Students

Master's Students

Undergraduate Students


Post-Doc Alumni

  • Omid Dehzangi (Post-doc, 2014), Current Position: Faculty Member in Computer and Information Science Department at University of Michigan, Dearborn, MI.


PhD Alumni

  • Jian Wu (PhD, 2018), Dissertation: Robust Signal Processing Techniques for Wearable Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) Sensors, Current Position: Next generation health sensor algorithms engineer at Apple, Cupertino, CA.
  • Viswam Nathan (PhD, 2018), Dissertation: Characterizing the Noise Associated with Sensor Placement and Motion Artifacts and
    Overcoming its Effects for Body-Worn Physiological Sensors, Current Position: Samsung Research America, Mountain View, CA.
  • Chen Chen (PhD, 2016), Dissertation: Fusion of Depth and Inertial Sensing for Human Action Recognition, Current Position: Post-Doc at the University of Central Florida.
  • Terrell Bennett (PhD, 2016), Dissertation: Algorithms for Enabling Wearable Sensors in the Internet of Things, Current Position: Chief Technology Officer at Le Vise Products LLC.
  • Yuan Zou (PhD, 2014), Dissertation: Addressing the Challenges in Signal Quality and Calibration Time of EEG-Based Brain-Computer Interface, Current Position: Start-up in the Bay Area, CA.
  • Vitali Loseu (PhD, 2011), Dissertation: Data Mining at the Fingertips of the Sensors, Current Position: Samsung Research Lab, Dallas, TX.
  • Hassan Ghasemzadeh (PhD, 2010), Dissertation: Power-Aware Signal Processing for Physical Movement Monitoring in Body Sensor Networks, Current Position: Faculty Member in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science department at Washington State University, Pullman, WA.


MS Alumni

  • Simi Susan Thomas (MS, 2014), Thesis: BioWatch: A Non-invasive Wrist-based Blood Pressure Monitor that Incorporates Training Techniques for Posture and Subject Variability, Current Position: Intel, Portland. OR.
  • Yashaswini Prathivadi (MS, 2014), non-thesis option, Current Position: Intel, Portland. OR.
  • Rui Pang (MS, 2012), Thesis: 35 Gbps FPGA-based network processor.
  • Nimish Kale (MS, 2012), Thesis: A case study on robustness of Dynamic Time Warping for activity recognition using wearable computers, Current Position: Qualcomm, San Diego, CA.
  • Jerry Mannil (MS, 2011), Thesis: A Real-time Hidden Markov Model Based Action Recognition System Using Body Sensor Networks, Current Position: Broadcom, San Jose, CA.
  • Nikhil Raveendranathan (MS, 2010), Thesis: Implementation of Movement Monitoring in Body Sensor Network and Assisted Virtual Reality, Current Position: Research in Motion (RIM - BlackBerry), Dallas, TX.
  • Eric Guenterberg (MS, 2009), Thesis: Segmentation Techniques for Biokinematic Data from Body Sensor Networks.
  • Nisha Jain (MS, 2009), non-thesis option, Current Position: Intel, Portland. OR.
  • Chellappan Valliyappan (MS, 2009), non-thesis option, Current Position: Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), Austin, TX.