Weekly Lab Seminar

The members of our lab have a lunch meeting every Monday at 12:30 pm in ETB 1041. At each of these meetings, a member of our lab presents a published research paper that is related to his/her area of research. The presentations are mostly informal with the lab members free to interrupt to ask questions and discuss any and all relevant topics. We will occasionally arrange for other lab groups in TAMU to join our meetings as well, to broaden our perspectives and foster collaboration.

Updated Presentation List

Day Time Venue Speaker Title

Spring 2017

Friday, May 5 12:30pm 1041 ETB Ali Akbari Metric Learning for Parkinsonian Identification from IMU Gait Measurements.
Friday, April 28 12:30pm 1041 ETB William Zhu Least Squares Fitting Algorithm with Gradient Descent, Newton’ s Method, and Gauss-Newton Method
Friday, April 21 12:30pm 1041 ETB Xien Thomas Context-Enhanced Data Fusion of IMUs and Kinect to Measure Arm Angles
Thursday, April 13 12:15pm 1041 ETB Jian Wu A Modular Approach to Context-Aware IoT Applications
Friday, April 7 12:30pm 116 AGLS Deva Newman, Ph.D. NSBRI Space Life Seminar Alford-Kennedy Lecture: Humanity’s Exploration from Inner to Outer Space
Friday, March 31 12:40pm 216 EDTC Bonnie J. Dunbar, Ph.D. NSBRI Space Life Seminar Thinking Outside the Sphere: Considerations of Keeping Humans Healthy During Space Exploration.
Friday, March 24 12:30pm 1041 ETB Viswam Statistical Techniques for Target Estimation with Signal Quality
Feedback and Contact Interface Awareness for Wearable Physiological
Sensors in the IoT.
Friday, March 17 12:30pm 1041 ETB Syed Ali Hasnain Trading off prediction accuracy and power consumption for context-aware wearable computing
Friday, March 3 12:30pm 1041 ETB Peiming Liu An efficient orientation filter for inertial and inertial/magnetic sensor arrays.
Friday, Feb 24 12:30pm 1041 ETB William Zhu Fusion of Inertial and Depth Sensor Data for Robust Hand Gesture Recognition.
Friday, Feb 17 12:30pm 1041 ETB Ali Akbari Body-Sensor-Network-Based Kinematic Characterization and Comparative Outlook of UPDRS Scoring in Leg Agility, Sit-to-Stand, and Gait Tasks in Parkinson’s Disease.
Friday, Feb 10 12:30pm 1041 ETB Bassem Ibrahim Cuff-Less High-Accuracy Calibration-Free Blood Pressure Estimation Using Pulse Transit Time.
Friday, Feb 3 12:30pm 1041 ETB Jian Wu Mastering the game of Go with deep neural networks and tree search.
Friday, Jan 27 12:30pm 1041 ETB Xien Thomas The Aiding of MEMS INS/GPS Integration Using Artificial Intelligence for Land Vehicle Navigation.
Wednesday, Jan 11 12:30pm 3002 ETB Syed Ali Hasnain Ultra-Low Power Self-Computing Binary Output Digital MEMS Accelerometer.

Fall 2016

Monday, Nov 21 12:30pm 1041 ETB Ali Akbari A Robust and Easy to Implement Method for IMU Calibration Without External Equipments.
Monday, Nov 14 12:30pm 1041 ETB Kimberly Lennox Reducing Motion Artifacts in Photoplethyemograms by Using Relative Sensor Motion: Phantom Study.
Monday, Nov 7 12:30pm 1041 ETB Peiming Liu Pyramidal Implementation of the Lucas Kanade Feature Tracker Description of the Algorithm.
Monday, Oct 31 12:30pm 1041 ETB Ning Zhang Upper limb Motion Tracking with the Integration of IMU and Kinect.
Wednesday, Oct 26 12:30pm 5035 ETB Ziwei Zhu P and nP Inequalities.
Monday, Oct 3 12:30pm 1041 ETB Jian Wu A Machine Learning Approach for Medication Adherence Monitoring Using Body-Worn Sensors.
Monday, Sept 26 12:30pm 1041 ETB Viswam Nathan An Energy-Efficient Computational Model for Uncertainty Management in Dynamically Changing Networked Wearables.
Monday, Sept 19 12:30pm 1041 ETB Zachary Trujillo Fully Integrated Wearable Sensor Arrays for Multiplexed in situ Perspiration Analysis.
Monday, Sept 12 12:30pm 1041 ETB Bassem Ibrahim A Low Power Configurable Bio-Impedance Spectroscopy (BIS) ASIC with Simultaneous ECG and Respiration Recording Functionality.

Summer 2016

Friday, Aug 26 12:00pm 1041 ETB Xien Thomas Representing Attitude: Euler Angles, Unit Quaternions and Rotation Vectors.
Friday, Aug 19 12:00pm 1041 ETB Xien Thomas Upper Limb Motion Tracking with the Integration of IMU and Kinect.
Friday, Aug 12 12:30pm 1041 ETB Muhammad Umair Wearable Assistant for Parkinson’s Disease Patients With the Freezing of Gait Symptom
Friday, Aug 5 12:00pm 1041 ETB Syed Ali Hasnain Inter-Technology Backscatter: Towards Internet Connectivity for Implanted Devices.
Friday, Jul 29 11:30am 1041 ETB Zachary Trujillo Tutorial on Altium PCB design software.
Friday, Jul 22 12:00pm 1041 ETB Bassem Ibrahim A Bio-Impedance Measurement System for Portable Monitoring of Heart Rate and Pulse Wave Velocity Using Small Body Area.
Thursday, Jul 14 12:00pm 1041 ETB Xien Thomas Human pose recovery using wireless inertial measurement units.
Thursday, Jul 7 12:45pm 1041 ETB Chuong Trinh Online Passive-Aggressive Algorithms
Thursday, Jun 30 12:00pm 1041 ETB Muhammad Umair Collaborative Signal Processing for Action Recognition in Body Sensor Networks: A Distributed Classification Algorithm Using Motion Transcripts.
Friday, Jun 24 12:00pm 5043 ETB Syed Ali Hasnain SenseWrap: A service oriented middleware with sensor virtualization and self-configuration

Spring 2016

Tuesday, Apr 26 11:30am 1041 ETB Viswam Nathan Modeling Motion Artifacts on the Surface of the Skin.
Tuesday, Apr 19 11:30am 1041 ETB Muhammad Umair ISway: a sensitive, valid and reliable measure of postural control.
Monday, Apr 11 12:00pm 1041 ETB Chen Chen Fusion of Depth and Intertial Sensing for Human Action Recognition.
Tuesday, Apr 5 11:30am 1041 ETB Syed Ali Hasnain An Overview of the Contiki OS.
Tuesday, Mar 29 11:30am 1041 ETB Jian Wu Can Deep Learning Revolutionize Mobile Sensing?
Tuesday, Mar 22 11:30am 1041 ETB Jason Kelley Software Defined Batteries.
Tuesday, Mar 15 11:30am 1041 ETB Chuong Trinh Principal Component Analysis.
Tuesday, Mar 1 12:00pm 5043 ETB Syed Ali Hasnain Complexity-Invariant Distance Measure for Time Series.
Tuesday, Feb 23 12:00pm 5043 ETB Viswam Nathan Online Multiperson Tracking by Detection from a Single, Uncalibrated Camera.
Tuesday, Feb 16 12:00pm 5043 ETB Muhammad Umair Monitoring Motor Fluctuations in Patients with Parkinson’s Disease using Wearable Sensors.
Tuesday, Feb 9 12:00pm 5043 ETB Dr. Wan-Young Chung Hot Issues in Wearable Healthcare.
Tuesday, Feb 2 12:00pm 5043 ETB Jian Wu Evidential fusion of sensor data for activity recognition in smart homes.
Tuesday, Jan 26 12:00pm 5043 ETB Syed Ali Hasnain Linear Prediction: A Tutorial Review.

Fall 2015

Monday, Dec 21 12:00pm 5043 ETB Viswam Nathan Tracking of Rhythmical Signals using the Maximum A Posteriori Adaptive Marginalized Particle Filter.
Monday, Dec 14 12:00pm 5043 ETB Muhammad Umair Stroke Volume Obtained from the Brachial Artery Using Transbrachial Electrical Bioimpedance Velocimetry.
Monday, Dec 7 12:00pm 5043 ETB Jian Wu Orientation Independent Activity Recognition Using Wearable Inertial Sensors.
Monday, Nov 30 12:00pm 5043 ETB Akash Sahoo Finding Motifs in Time Series.