Ali Akbari

Ali Akbari, Ph.D.

Department of Biomedical Engineering
Texas A&M University




Biography and Research Abstract

I recently received my Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from Texas A&M University under the supervision of Dr. Roozbeh Jafari. My research lies at the intersection of machine learning, signal processing, algorithm design, and embedded and wearable systems to improve medical care and enhance lives. In my Ph.D. dissertation titled “Wearable Sensors for Precision Medicine through Personalized, Holistic, and Context-Aware Analytics”, I mainly focused on analyzing wearable and IoT sensors data to extract actionable physiological and behavioral information.

As an interdisciplinary researcher, I build machine learning algorithms and wearable and embedded systems to enable remote health monitoring and precision medicine in day-to-day life. Recently, a growing percentage of healthcare takes place outside the traditional walls of clinical care and is tightly coupled with daily experiences. Although the field of remote and decentralized patient care and precision medicine, catalyzed by the COVID-19 pandemic, does not replace medical care, it can complement that by providing important insight into the onset of disorders and the effectiveness of therapeutics, and that is the mission of my research. I recently lead a team of graduate researchers in a large-scale collaborative project on infection prediction through physiological monitoring with common-off-the-shelf wearables to address the COVID-19 pandemic.

Research Interest

  • Digital and mobile health

  • Data analytics and algorithm design for remote health monitoring

  • Machine learning for biomedical signals, wearable sensors, and timeseries

  • Biomedical signal processing

  • Wearable sensing and computing, embedded systems design

  • Cyber-physical systems and internet of things (IoT)



Journal Papers

J8. Ali Akbari, Kaan Sel, Jonathan Martinez, Zanbo Zhu, Surya Gandikota, Niels Olson, Anne G. Rizzo, Roderic I. Pettigrew, Roozbeh Jafari, Detecting Pre-symptoms of COVID-19 with Off-the-shelf Wearable Devices through Personalized and Context-aware Data Analysis, Ready for Submission.

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Referred Conference Papers

C13. Luffina C. Huang, Ali Akbari, Roozbeh Jafari, A Graph-based Method for Interbeat Interval and Heart Rate Variability Estimation Featuring Multi-channel PPG Signals During Intensive Activity, IEEE Sensors, October 31-November 4, 2021, Virtual Meeting, in press.

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Book Chapter

BC1. Ali Akbari, Parastoo Alinia, Hassan Ghasemzadeh, Roozbeh Jafari, Transfer learning for wearable computers, Edited by Edward Sazonov, In Wearable Sensors: Fundamentals, Implementation and Applications (Second Edition), Elsevier, 2020, ISBN 9780128192467.

Contact information

Email: aliakbari(at)tamu(dot)edu

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