Fall 2016 – BMEN 428/CSCE 489/CSCE 689: Microcontrollers and Communications in Medical Devices/Medical Embedded Systems

This course will cover the principles of embedded system architecture and programming as well as an introduction of wireless communication systems. It will provide hands-on experiences of how an embedded system could be used to solve problems in engineering discplines, culminating in projects on wireless wearable sensors and sensing for medical devices. Prerequisite: BMEN 211, or approval of the instructor.


A Tutorial on Mobile Embedded Systems

This tutorial material is intended to be a primer for working with microcontrollers and to realize simple applications based on this versatile embedded system. The tutorial covers the basic principles of microcontroller including digital and analog interfaces, low power modes, interrupts, timers, synchronous and asynchronous serial communications, and wireless communications. In the end, the reader is expected to be able to build a simple wireless embedded application. The tutorial has a focus on mobile and wearable embedded systems.